Our Services provides a multi-tiered service to implement your interior standards. Initially our team of design professionals works with your organization to develop and/or update your interior standards. Once the current standards are established we provide your organization with a secure single source for access to this information. Finally we provide ongoing maintenance updates, and can even develop a standardized method by which proposed modifications are submitted for review. This ensures that all changes to your buildings and standards meet your facilities guidelines and requirements.

In the construction industry miss-specification and delays in obtaining correct information can be costly. Efficient and consistent communication and direct access to information can save time and money. Having a single up to date source which is easily accessed on a secure data base will significantly reduce miscommunication and wasted time between your company and the architects, interior designers, contractors and personnel who work with your facility.

An interior standard can be any item related to your facility that you would like to standardize to be a benefit to your organization. Examples could include a paint color, chair, lighting fixture, lamp, wall rail, flooring, bathroom accessories or any other type of specified item that can be identified as a standard and be incorporated into a interior standards manual for your facility.

Interior standards can also provide interior-design and architectural consultation services for your facility through our network of architectural and engineering consultants.

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